Gastric Balloon

A non-surgical tool to kickstart weight loss.


ORBERA In Stomach

The ORBERA™ gastric balloon is a single balloon device that is inserted through the mouth and filled with sterile saline. Once in place, the balloon provides a feeling of fullness that can encourage patients to eat less. This powerful tool is accompanied by nutrition guidance to support patients in their weight loss journey. The balloon is removed after six months, patients continue in a supportive program for an additional six months, and the skills learned allow patients to continue losing weight or maintain their weight loss.

The Benefits of an ORBERA™ Gastric Balloon

The ORBERA™ Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical option for effective weight loss without any incisions, permanent implants or associated prescriptions. It has been shown to kickstart weight loss with minimal side effects, and is especially useful for people who have struggled to lose weight through traditional programs. ORBERA™ Balloon patients lose, on average, more than twice as much weight as people using diet and exercise alone.*

*Individual Results May Vary



Non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical
Works with your schedule with minimal down time


Patients lose, on average, more than twice as much weight than people using diet and exercise alone*

*Individual Results May Vary


The ORBERA™ Gastric Balloon program includes six months of follow up nutritional support after balloon removal


THE RESULTS: Feel Full. Eat Less. Live Lighter!

On average, patients lose 26% of their excess weight.1
*results may vary


Life After ORBERA™

The gastric balloon is deflated and removed through the mouth six months after placement. For the next six months, ORBERA™ patients will receive supportive follow-up and nutritional counseling.

Invest in a Healthier Life

When you invest in the Gastric Balloon, you’re investing in yourself. With our comprehensive weight loss program, you’ll develop the skills you need to maintain weight loss so you can stop throwing money at fad diets that don’t work. Gastric Balloon patients often have more confidence and increased energy, enabling them to live a healthier, happier and more active life.

ORBERA™ Gastric Balloon PRICING

Inclusive Self-Pay Package That Costs $7,995

GEt started

*Estimated monthly payments for those who qualify.

Patients Report Increased Confidence and Energy*

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